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We provide financial support to families with children who have a physical disability
to enable better access to equipment, assistance technology and other resources 

to assist in their independence, health and wellbeing. 

Physical disabilities impact a person’s physical capacity and/or mobility
and can be congenital or acquired as a result of an accident. 

Aids and equipment considered essential for one person can differ greatly to the next.
For this reason, all applications are considered and treated on an individual basis.

Wheeling & Able

Wheeling & Able commenced in 1932 as the Newcastle & District Crippled Children’s Association and has continued, over the last almost 90 years, to assist more than 16,000 families in the Hunter region to obtain mobility aids and equipment for children with physical disabilities.

Wheeling & Able is a self-funded charity and does not receive any government funding, so this amazing achievement has been reached through the generosity of individuals, business and community organisations.

Client Testimonials

“When the community donates to Wheeling & Able, it does a lot for families like us.”

Karen & Ben

“Thank you so much for your recent approval of my 3 applications!
We are so grateful for your service!”

John Hunter Children’s Hospital

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