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Month: April 2023

Remember this little guy?

Patrick’s still in his helmet – in fact Mum says he’s so used to it that he reaches for it when he’s not wearing it, but is doing so well that its expected that he’ll be able to leave it behind very soon! We wanted to throw out a huge THANKYOU to Patrick’s family Not…
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Australia Day 2023 Community Award presented to Nadine Hickey

Outstanding contribution to the lives on many in the community through volunteering We’re proud of your involvement with Wheeling & Able, Nadine and think this award is very well deserved 

Meet Patrick

A gorgeous 8 month old with severe positional plagiocephaly, Patrick requires a helmet to assist with remodelling of his head shape and facial appearance. Patrick’s head shape has an effect on his development, causing him to preference one side, and making it difficult for him to roll. Without access to helmet therapy, Patrick will continue…
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