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Fly high young man!

Wheeling & Able funded a swing like this, after the NDIA declined, for a young boy with cerebral palsy. . His mum reports that “…he absolutely loves it. He thinks it’s the best being outside enjoying himself. It’s so good to see him so happy. We can’t thank you enough.” We’re so happy to help

No stopping her now …

“Little Miss B was born 4 weeks premmie, but had not really shown any delay in anything she did until it came to walking. With two older siblings, we assumed that she would pick it up earlier than the other two. When she turned 18 months old and was still not walking, we became concerned…
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Izzy’s wheels

Thanks to the generous donation from Toyota Material Handling Australia- Newcastle, Wheeling & Able was able to provide a customised tricycle for little Izzy. Izzy is a delightful 3½ year old with a rare condition resulting in, amongst many other things, low tone and muscle weakness. 18 months ago when Izzy began with her physiotherapist, she…
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Little Matilda had developed severe Plagiocephaly (flat head) and required a customised cranial helmet to correct the shape of her skull. We were able to approve funding and have the helmet fitted within a week; the urgency being the very crucial period of infant skull growth when the bones are thin, soft and flexible. Six…
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Wheeling and Able has helped Zac maintain his part time job, keep his medical appointments and enjoy a social life with family and friends with reliable transport options now in place. Happy Wheeling Zac!