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Little Louie

Little Louie

Little Louie has developed a plagiocephaly.

Babies’ heads are soft and malleable and even gentle external forces, whether in the womb or in baby’s daily routine, can cause misshaping.

Louie has a preference for turning his head to one side. Occasionally, if babies lay with their head turned to one side more than the other, the result is a flattening of one side of the skull, called a plagiocephaly.

A cranial plagiocephaly helmet is lightweight and customised to fit by an orthotist using 3D images. The helmet helps to reshape the skull by taking pressure off the flat area and allowing the skull to grow into the space provided. Wearing the helmet doesn’t hurt and babies usually get used to it very quickly.

Look at that smile 🙂 Louie doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the helmet!

Louie you are adorable and we wish you all the best ❤