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No stopping her now …

No stopping her now …

“Little Miss B was born 4 weeks premmie, but had not really shown any delay in anything she did until it came to walking. With two older siblings, we assumed that she would pick it up earlier than the other two. When she turned 18 months old and was still not walking, we became concerned that there might be something not quite right. Strength was never a concern as she’s like a little monkey and will climb anything. She’s also a natural problem solver so we couldn’t figure out what she was missing to start walking.

We went to HNEH and spoke with Sam who thought that her confidence was the issue. Sam felt that some orthoses from Wheeling & Able would help B. While we were waiting for the orthoses, Sam suggested that we buy some supportive joggers. On trying the joggers B went backwards and, whilst she would previously walk holding both of our hands, she refused to walk at all.

Then arrived the orthoses from Wheeling and Able. Well what a massive difference that made! By the end of the first night she resumed walking again holding our hands. That’s right, the first night! After about a week, we noticed that B started to let go and take one or two steps towards the bookcase unassisted. In a very short period of time after that, B’s confidence continued to grow and she can now walked unassisted approx. 8 metres. This is an amazing result in such a short period of time!!

We know without a doubt that if it wasn’t for these orthoses she would still be crawling all of the time. At the moment her preferred mode of transport is still crawling or knee walking (because she is so fast), but we know it won’t be long and she’ll be running to keep up with her siblings.”

Mum, Sept 2020