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From the President

From the President

Wheeling and Able was again presented with a variety of requests for necessary equipment and services from therapists throughout the year. For some clients W&A provided the only funding option for families struggling with NDIS system failures. The impact on our clients and families would have been detrimental without the timely responses of our organisation.

W&A provided financial assistance in many complex situations giving practical solutions to refugee clients, rural families and disadvantaged children from all over the Hunter living with physical disabilities.

This year W&A was fortunate to secure the proceeds from the Newcastle Basketball Charity Night which saw W&A representation across multiple media outlets. The Charity Night also saw us launch our beautiful mascot, WandA, who has been in development for some time.  It was great to see her finally come to life with the help of artist Kerrie Blade, to whom we owe great thanks!

WandA is now being promoted though a number of merchandise items, which have been distributed to our clients and therapists and will be available for purchase on our website very soon.  Thank you to all our volunteers who provide their time and energy so that our Hunter children who have a disability can be financially supported to live the life they want. Thank you to all the Directors of the Board who continue to show strength, compassion and commitment that champions the needs of children living with a disability.

Wheeling and Able is in a great position because we have a great team and I am privileged to be a part of this organisation that does so much for children and disability.

– Jeni White, President
2019 AGM